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Meeting Leader Information

Find what you need for your local AA meeting here!
Just click on the link for your specific document and print the item for your meeting.

Suggested Meeting Format

  • Welcome Statement for the Meeting

  • Moment of Silence followed by the Serenity Prayer

  • AA Preamble

  • How It Works

  • Closed Meeting Statement (Blue Card)

  • Anyone attending this meeting for their first AA meeting, first time at this meeting, or from out of town that wishes to be recognized by the group?

    • If there is a first time attendee at the AA meeting - use Newcomer First Step Meeting format per below

  • Any AA related announcements?

  • Anniversary recognition coins (optional)

  • Announce type of meeting (Step, Big Book, topic, speaker) and structure as applicable

  • If following a rotational order in meeting; check @ 10 minutes prior to meeting end if anyone has a desire to speak that has not had a chance.

  • Closing - Lords Prayer (participation optional)


Newcomer First Step Meeting

  • Welcome the newcomer; obtain name; and let them know that they will have chance to talk at end of meeting if they wish

  • Read the First Step

  • Go around the room and have the attendees briefly share what brought them to AA sharing experience, strength, and hope

  • Have attendees write name and phone number on Phone List to be given to newcomer

  • Give newcomer an AA Meeting Schedule

  • Stay afterwards with others to answer questions and provide support to newcomer


Meeting Materials


Treasurer Information

Please note the address change for Area 22 on the 2017 Contribution Form

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