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Anyone may attend open AA meetings. But only those with a drinking problem and a desire to stop drinking may attend closed meetings or become AA members. People with problems other than alcoholism are eligible for AA membership only if they have a drinking problem.

Going to an AA meeting is simple! All you need to do is find a meeting that is convenient for you and you just show up...that's it! There's no signing in, no money to pay, no appointment to make. There are no intrusive questions, no obligations. Your privacy and anonymity will be respected. You’ll never be met with a demand to come back to any meeting or indeed to AA. You can go to different meetings as often or as little as you wish.

Many of us had no idea what to expect of our first meeting. For some of us, the idea was quite scary, so we were greatly relieved to find that our fears were groundless. AA meetings are relaxed, friendly and open!

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